Sorting out through the wreckage of our scanning attempt (part 2)

Dražen PrimoracPrototyping

We came back from our scanning trip and were anxiously waiting for the results. We were at unease as we had doubts that the lighting setup was not good, and that the cage was too cramped for man-sized models. Admir was most concerned, as he knew how they (Croteam) set their “cage” up, and this one was not quite optimal according to their experience. We got the materials back after rendering, and unfortunately our fears were not ungrounded. The output was pretty bad as you can see on the pictures below. The resulting 3D image had huge holes in the geometry as the cameras were too close to their “target” and did not have sufficient light.
3D print of the Austro-Hungarian soldier- FRONT 3D print of the Austro-Hungarian soldier- FRONT
Quite a disappointment! While we know for sure that this scanning technique can do what it's supposed to, it also needs to be set right. In this particular case the cage is just too tight for man-sized models - for smaller objects it works fine, but when you stick a 6” guy in full gear in there, it just doesn't perform.
3D print of the Austro-Hungarian soldier- BACK

We are not sorry that we tried, as we are nerdy and “freakies” for both technology and military history. We mostly felt sorry for Robi and Admir who freely gave one day of their lives for this attempt, and at the end of the day we had nothing to show. If Croteam pulls their scanning “cage” out of mothballs, and re-opens their offices, we might still get a chance, but it's nothing we can count on, at least not in the near-future.

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