Choosing the right pose for your custom figure

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Today modelers and wargamers have numerous limitations when choosing their figures. Often only the armies from big countries are available. … Read More

New You Tube video – Ozren talks about customization

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COVID has attacked Ozren, but he is back. In this video we are talking about the most important concept behind … Read More

Development status update

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It has been a bit over two months since Model Creator stepped “out of the closet” and in the open … Read More

Taliban insurgent (Updated)

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Through the articles we are publishing we are trying to transmit the versatility of the Model Creator platform once it … Read More

The world of small entrepreneurs

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We find Model Creator a really cool idea and we are very much enjoying the journey which so far included … Read More

Customization options at Model Creator

Dražen PrimoracRaising awareness and crowdfunding

There are a lot of models out there, however due to production techniques used and artisanal nature of production, the … Read More

New team member

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We have spoken a lot about 3D design in the previous articles, which of course makes sense, as the starting … Read More

Rhodesian light infantry from the Bush War

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The Rhodesian Bush War, also known as the Second Chimurenga, was a prolonged conflict between the white minority in Rhodesia … Read More

Sorting out through the wreckage of our scanning attempt (part 2)

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We came back from our scanning trip and were anxiously waiting for the results. We were at unease as we … Read More