Model Creator YouTube channel

Dražen PrimoracRaising awareness and crowdfunding

Digital age is fraught with opportunities and challenges for small ventures. The power of internet and social media allows one to cast their net far and wide. At the same time the digital space can metaphorically feel like a large ocean with no land in sight and one needs to row smartly to find what they are looking for. Same applies to Model Creator, we want to transmit our story well and across different networks to reach our future clients. For that reason, we are present on principal social networks, and today the time has come to present our YouTube channel.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; YouTube format is more permissive to telling the story and we want to use our YT channel to do just that and share with all of you the challenges we encounter on the path to developing Model Creator.

Take a look at our first video and please subscribe, like and share.