Passionate modeler and history buff, Ozren Zagmester is also a catastrophically bad sculpturer. This “amazing talent” has led him to put his energy and passion into Model Creator. His strong operational and IT/tech work background predetermined his position as the person in charge of coordinating 3D modelling and development of the WebGL web pages.

Ozren lives in Zagreb with his wife and two children.



Scale modelling, military history and geopolitics are his hobbies. As untalented as Ozren in finer modeling skills, he too was very frustrated when he could not find off-the-shelf soldier figures belonging to less well-known armies. After quite a lot of crying, complaining and whining to and with Ozren, the idea of Model Creator was born. He particularly enjoys annoying Ozren when it comes to all sorts of technical ideas - especially those revolving around WebGL.

Drazen lives in Madrid with his wife and three children.


3D modeler

Very artistic in every sense, Milos Markovic stands out with his capabilities in 3D organic and hard surface modelling. Although being a professional musician for 15 years, his love for 3D modelling eventually prevailed - and so he started working as a 3D modeler full time.

Hiking, cooking and metal detecting are his hobbies. Milos also loves to paint.

He lives in Belgrade.

Global ModelCreator, SL
Madrid, SPAIN
Cif/Nif: B42717173
VAT: ESB42717173

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