WW2 US Paratroopers come to Model Creator

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Some of the most famous units of the ww2 on the allied side are the US army paratroopers, principally the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. Immortalized in popular culture through movies like the Longest Day and a Bridge Too Far as well as the already legendary series Band of Brothers. Model Creator could not pass on the opportunity to offer all of you a US army paratrooper scale model of. It is up to you to choose which patch you will paint (our model has the 101st Screaming Eagle patch) and how you use your model.
N.Korean winter uniform
The production version will have many more postures to choose from as well as the option to choose different weapons such as M1 Carbine, Thompson sub-machine gun and BAR light machine gun to name a few. Further to the weapons you will be able to equip your paratrooper with different equipment depending on the mission you want them to take.  And remember, this is just a taste of what Model Creator can do!
3D print of the Austro-Hungarian soldier- FRONT 3D print of the Austro-Hungarian soldier- BACK
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