Start of prototyping

Dražen PrimoracPrototyping

In our previous article we spoke about the different phases of the project we need to go through to develop the final product for our clients to use and enjoy. 

We called the first phase of the project prototyping, and we are using it to fully understand 3D design, 3D printing and properties of available materials. However, there is much more to this stage of development - we are also using it to explore and define our future operating model, to evaluate 3rd party 3D print providers, and to assess economic and technical viability of different ideas. 

Every journey starts with the first step, and we started with  finding a 3D designer. It was quite a surprise to see how much they are in demand.  Eventually, of course, we found one, let us call him Designer 1. The model we chose for him to make was not done with historic accuracy in mind, it was just an attempt to see how things work. We called it “the hybrid” because it sported different equipment not really belonging to any concrete army.


You can see on the picture above how the first draft looked like.

We also decided to have two different postures for “the hybrid”; one when kneeling on one knee and aiming his M4 carbine, and the other kneeling on both knees and surrendering. Next step was to print the models in order to understand the 3D printing technology, the acceptable materials, pricing, and turnaround time of different 3D print providers.

Image Image

Initially, the 3D printing software was not able to create the right output so Designer 1 needed to further optimize the model. It seemed that each step forward was then followed by a step back!

In the next article we will talk about the printing process and the outcome. 

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