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Like any other project Model Creator also has different phases of development. We will use this article to explain each phase of the development. You can also follow the stage of development on the progress bar at our website at 

  • (I) Prototyping – before diving directly into software development we wanted to fully understand 3D design, 3D printing and properties of the available materials. You will see in the future posts some of the challenges we have encountered and continue encountering. There are technical, operational, and economic implications to different decisions we take and that is why this phase is so important. In addition, we have also done a lot of less glamorous administrative work for the company, created a website and are starting to raise awareness for our project. We expect to be finishing with this phase towards the end of 2021/beginning 2022.
  • (II) Software development – The technology in question is WebGL and we have already chosen a software developer which will help us write the software. We expect to start with development in November 2021 and hope to finish within 5-6 months.
  • (III) Raising awareness of Model Creator and crowdfunding. – Any small business or niche initiative is only as strong as its client base and community. For Model Creator the community is of utmost importance, as future designs and developments will be based on community and client feedback. 
    We strongly believe in the idea behind Model Creator and have decided to invest our capital to develop the software and the entire platform. However, if we want to go faster and put more designs on the future platform, we will need help. We aim to launch a crowdfunding campaign at the beginning of 2022 to garner additional interest and hype around Model Creator as well as additional capital for faster development of the platform and its content. 
  • (IV) Going live – This is the final milestone and the one we are all anxiously waiting for. At launch we expect to have a set of different army designs to choose from, based on our initial preferences as well as your feedback and the success of the crowdfunding campaign. After that we would be adding new designs on a frequent basis.  

As we write this, we are quite advanced in the prototyping phase and are looking forward to starting software development and raising awareness of Model Creator. 

Join us on this exciting journey!