North Korean soldier from the Korean war (1950-53)

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After creating our first model we decided to make several models in parallel. We have already written about the Finnish soldier from the Winter War, and today we will show you a North Korean soldier from the Korean war 1950-1953. 

For the North Korean model, we worked with Designer 3, another one of the designers that passed our initial interviews. We decided to go for a winter look as winters in Korea were brutal and unrelenting. You can see the historical winter uniforms in the picture below.

N.Korean winter uniform
It was the Chinese that were providing a lot of materials for the North Koreans, and therefore it was not surprising that these North Korean winter uniforms were similar or even equal to the Chinese ones. We decided to arm our model with a Soviet Ppsh-41, as it was a weapon widely available to North Korean servicemen.
3D design of North Korean soldier 3D print of North Korean soldier

You can see in the above pictures how the model turned out. It was quite a clean design, and we were quite happy with both the 3D design and 3D print quality. 

In the next article we will talk about the historical accuracy of the models. 

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