Non infantry units

Dražen PrimoracPlatform development

So far we have created only infantry models but we have always told you that the potential of the platform is huge. A big part of scale modeling revolves around planes, ships and vehicles and we will definitely be creating models that cater to those kinds of settings. 

In our list there are tank crews, sailors, pilots, as well as land air crews. And if there is interest we might include other auxiliary, non combat units, such as cooks, MPs,  depo/warehouse teams and others.

N.Korean winter uniform
This model represents US Army Air Force Bomber crew from Eight Air Force operating in Europe during the second world war and based in England. The VIII Air Force was known for conducting strategic bombing against Axis targets across Europe together with RAF Bomber Command as part of Combined Bomber Offensive. VIII Air Force conducted raids during the day in order to achieve higher precision with its bombing which resulted in high casualty among its crews.   
3D print of the Austro-Hungarian soldier- FRONT 3D print of the Austro-Hungarian soldier- BACK
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