Year in review

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2022 is at the end and it is time to look back and take stock. For Model Creator it was … Read More

The Desert Fox arrives

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After doing the full set of “regular” panzer crews, it was only logical to follow-up with a set covering panzer … Read More

Achtung – Panzer!

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So far, we have been busy preparing various infantry sets for Model Creator platform, but now we have taken a … Read More

British infantry lands on Model Creator platform

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Model Creator is all about variety – from various units, to their respective gear and equipment. After the Finns and … Read More

Finnish infantryman from the Winter War – prototype vs. the actual production model

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Every pioneer, novel idea has to go through a lengthy trial-and-error period before it matures. This requires a lot of … Read More

Winter War Finnish soldier, production model

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We mentioned many times that Model Creator will aim to bring less known armies and conflicts to all of you. … Read More

US Marines and AK-47 in Vietnam War – a true story

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Several months ago, we showcased a Vietnam War-era model of an US Marine in prone position, aiming a Soviet built … Read More

WW2 US Paratroopers come to Model Creator

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Some of the most famous units of the ww2 on the allied side are the US army paratroopers, principally the … Read More

Non infantry units

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So far we have created only infantry models but we have always told you that the potential of the platform … Read More

Software development status

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In early November 2021 we started with the software development. First, we had to define the specifications to the last … Read More