New attempt at making 3D printable Finnish soldier

Dražen PrimoracPrototyping

After failing to print the Finnish soldier skiing, we analyzed our steps and learned a lot from the attempt. It was clear that there were too many thin walls which made 3D printing difficult. Despite all the problems, we really liked the Finnish soldier, and decided not to give up. We asked Designer 2 to add some modifications. On our request he took the skis off, leaned them on his shoulder, and got rid of the ski poles which were a major problem to print due to being too thin for 3D printing. Pictures below show how the new 3D model and 3D print ended up looking.
pow-hybrid-print in hand-news pow-hybrid-print in hand-news

Keen eye will notice that the rifle is missing in the 3D print version, no worries, it was there before my kids decided to rearrange the model a bit and test its durability!

Just like our first model, “the hybrid”, this was an important learning point. In the following article we will tell you more about the design of the North Korean soldier.  

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