Finnish infantryman from the Winter War – prototype vs. the actual production model

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Every pioneer, novel idea has to go through a lengthy trial-and-error period before it matures. This requires a lot of perseverance and patience. Model Creator is no different. Figure design, the business model itself, realism, level of customization, benefits and limitations of 3D printing technology, price point, cost vs quality, logistics, software platform, usage on handheld devices vs desktops, etc. are just some of the issues we are trying to resolve here at Model Creator.
 winter uniform
The journey our Finnish soldier has been through; from the initial test model, to the current production model, is a great story of learnings on figure design, realism, level of customization, and, last but not least, the benefits and limitations of 3D printing technology.
 winter uniform  winter uniform
Level of realism is very important for the type of figures we want to create, but we also need to be pragmatic, down-to-earth if you will, as the size of the models can hide a lot of details. Choice of material matters a lot as well, as the print finish can be smoother or coarser, with more or less pronounced details. However, better materials add substantially to the cost, so very well-tuned balancing act is crucial.
 winter uniform  winter uniform

Finally, all the designers that work on the models are of extreme importance. Some have more experience modelling human body than the others, and it definitely shows during any given units’ design process – but it must not be apparent once the unit is ready for production. The quality of all models that we are making at the end must be the same.

We hope you like the production model, and we hope you’ll try him out as soon as Model Creator goes live… which is soon!

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