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It has been a bit over two months since Model Creator stepped “out of the closet” and in the open and it is time to update you on the progress of the entire project. Overall, we are in line with our project plan and expect to go live in April/May 2022 period.

  • (I) Prototyping* – a very important part of the whole project, necessary to assure that the project will work at a larger scale. We have advanced strongly with prototyping and understand the key components for the correct design and production of 3D printed models. What remains is working with a 3D printing provider in linking our platform with their software and assuring that the output is as required.
  • It is also important to note that the team has grown by adding Milos, our 3D designer, we are very happy to have him on board.
  • (II) Software development* – When we started with the software development the first obstacle we needed to overcome was how to “glue” different objects into a final model and create a workable file for 3D printing. Our developers have managed to do it, solving the principal risk we saw with our future software. Work on the user interface (UX) is our next  step which is technically not that difficult but extremely important for the final user. Model Creator will have a huge number of options so that, on one hand, you as a client get the detail that you want and, on the other, you do not need to click too much to get to the final result.
  • (III) Raising awareness for Model Creator and crowdfunding* – We are absolutely overwhelmed with the positive response we are getting from the modeling community. The idea behind Model Creator has been definitely recognised. We have had thousands of visitors to our web page in the last couple of weeks and we are getting more followers on a daily basis. We certainly hope that this will translate into support for the crowdfunding campaign in February - and the backing for the Model Creator once we go live.
  • (IV) Going live* – This is the final milestone and the one we are all anxiously waiting for. At the moment, the dates for going live have not changed although we are contemplating letting our Kickstarter supporters have the first go at the platform to thank them for their support with crowdfunding, and then opening up the platform for everyone else.

In the coming weeks and months, we will reach out to the community and ask for their help with choosing the designs (which units) we should put on the platform initially, as well as with some other aspects of the whole project. We count on your help when the time comes.

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*Please check out our initial article on different project phases