Choosing the right pose for your custom figure

Dražen PrimoracPlatform development

Today modelers and wargamers have numerous limitations when choosing their figures. Often only the armies from big countries are available. But even if you find the army that you want the figures in the market are static. In the end instead of getting what you want you are obliged to accept numerous compromises. Model Creator wants to change that!

In the previous video we spoke about customizing gear load-out and today we talk about the poses or postures that your figure can take. Just imagine the difference in choice you will have between today and when Model Creator goes live.

A lot has been happening lately, some of our prototypes featured in a product review video, software development is progressing, we are painting our prototypes and of course preparing for Kickstarter in February. Watch this space for more news on all of these. Really exciting times and much more is coming!!!

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