Finnish infantryman from the Winter War – prototype vs. the actual production model

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Every pioneer, novel idea has to go through a lengthy trial-and-error period before it matures. This requires a lot of … Read More

Taliban insurgent (Updated)

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Through the articles we are publishing we are trying to transmit the versatility of the Model Creator platform once it … Read More

Rhodesian light infantry from the Bush War

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The Rhodesian Bush War, also known as the Second Chimurenga, was a prolonged conflict between the white minority in Rhodesia … Read More

Sorting out through the wreckage of our scanning attempt (part 2)

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We came back from our scanning trip and were anxiously waiting for the results. We were at unease as we … Read More

Scanning 101st airborne division trooper (part 1)

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There are two principal ways to create 3D models. Pretty much everyone is familiar with the traditional way where you … Read More

Austro-Hungarian soldier from WWI

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After the US Marine and Finnish, North Korean and Union soldiers we designed the Austro-Hungarian soldier from the first World … Read More

US soldiers through time

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In one of our previous posts we mentioned that we plan to create several historic models based on less well-known … Read More

Historically accurate scale models

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In this article we will talk about something possibly quite controversial – the historical accuracy of the models.  The goal … Read More

North Korean soldier from the Korean war (1950-53)

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After creating our first model we decided to make several models in parallel. We have already written about the Finnish … Read More

New attempt at making 3D printable Finnish soldier

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After failing to print the Finnish soldier skiing, we analyzed our steps and learned a lot from the attempt. It … Read More